About Us

Alvaro “Morris” Capriotti, son of Italian immigrant and stone mason Aquilino Capriotti, was born in 1925. During his upbringing, Morris and his brother Duillio “Dewey” apprenticed for their father, honing their skills over the years. Shortly after World War II ended, Morris, along with his brother Dewey, formed Capriotti Brothers, a masonry construction company specializing in houses and light commercial construction.

In 1960, Morris, along with his wife Carol, expanded and formed Capri Construction Company, Inc., as a contractor for General Construction. Capri became a force in the public sector, specializing in new schools and municipal projects. In 1982, their son, Arthur, joined the firm full time. Arthur grew up surrounded by the construction industry and is now President of Capri Construction Company, Inc.

Then, in 2019, Arthur’s son, Gregory, joined Capri. Gregory attended University of Delaware where he received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2015 and worked as a Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer previously. Gregory’s engineering expertise brings a unique view to the construction business.

Much has changed in the construction industry since the 1960's, but at Capri Construction, honesty and integrity remain paramount. We are known for our quality workmanship.